Our programs

Summer Camp

Ages 6-10

Create a stop-motion video or 3D draw your favorite character! Make your own slime, or start your coding journey! Let’s make this summer count.

Coding Game Development

Ages 8-12

Students learn the process of creating and coding electronic games. Lay a solid foundation for coding!

Coding Animation

Ages 6-8

Younger students build fun animations with easy to learn block-based coding. A world of imagination is in their hands!

STEM Engineering

Ages 6-12

Students think outside the box as they design solutions to real-world problems. In addition to learning about engineering and the scientific method, various STEM topics allow them to discover the world around them.

Web Development

Ages 12-16

Students learn and utilize HTML and CSS to design their own feature-rich website. An integrated approach to coding helps build a strong foundation for more advanced programming languages.

Coding Robotics

Ages 8-12

Students build and code their own robot before they guide them through obstacles and in-class competitions.


Ready to Code?

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